Thursday, April 4, 2013

La belle vie en France

Bobby was working in Rennes, France for most of March. A few days before the long Easter holiday, I flew to France to spend some time with him in Rennes before we headed to Paris for the Easter holiday weekend. Bobby has been to Rennes a few times (we went together in October 2011, you can see a photo here) for work. Located in Bretagne (the same part of France as St. Malo), Rennes is basically 350 km directly west of Paris. We spent our weekend there eating, drinking, and asking ourselves why we ever left France. Below are some photos that show some of my favorite things in France... namely food  :)

Here is some beautiful cheese.

The bread. Ah, the bread!



Though winter hasn't really left Denmark (there was yet another snowstorm over the Easter weekend), spring has actually made itself known in France. I saw some daffodils in Paris, and early spring fruits and vegetables were tempting me at every turn in the outdoor markets. Bretagne is surrounded on 3 sides by the sea, so seafood is not only plentiful and delicious...

it's also cheap (at least compared to Denmark). We bought 10 of these lovely, fresh scallops for around 5€. In Copenhagen, you can buy 3 scallops for 13€.

Cured meats of every kind.

And confiture (jams and marmelades) to die for.

This is fresh sheep yogurt, which Bobby loves. We bought it from a little stall in the local weekend open market which only sold sheep milk products. To be honest, it was too strong tasting for me... kind of like licking a sheep in a poopy barn yard.

Now this stuff I could lick all day. Salt, how I love thee.

And of course, the wine. Really decent bottles of French wine can be purchased for under 10€.

Our days were divided by food and drink: breakfast (which is usually just the previous night's baguette toasted), 1st café, 2nd café, lunch, 3rd café, goûter (snack), apéro (pre-dinner drinks and appetizers), dinner and wine, and the final café. This was my goûter one day: a café creme, strawberries, and a piece of salted chocolate.

This was an apéro one evening: fresh baguette, salted butter, and local cider.

Another reason I love France: art. The art scene is lively, even in a town like Rennes. We went to a small exhibit on a Sunday afternoon and enjoyed some interesting interactive piece.

Ah France, I do so love you.

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