Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oven, couches, and the reading/music room

We've had another busy weekend of painting, organizing, and improving the apartment. The weekend started with the installation of our new oven! The oven, which we bought over a weekend ago, was finally installed by an electrician. It is huge compared to the old oven that it replaced and is much more energy-efficient. It also has a lot of cool functions like drying, defrosting, and grilling, and it even has a built-in food thermometer! I'm in love :)

Bobby also spent time moving into and organizing his office. He hung up a huge map of Denmark, set up his desk, and even has a little reading corner. It is a very 'hyggeligt' (Danish word for cozy) office, and he's allowed to have the heat on as much as he wants.

We also did some painting this weekend. Luckily for us, the paint store is only a few blocks away from the apartment. I purchased the paint the biked it home!

I spent all of Saturday painting the reading/music room, which is the room you reach via the French doors in the dining room.

Here is what the room looked like under the old owner.

And here is the room now. You can't really see the paint color (it's a very, very light blue), but you get the idea. We have a couch and brown leather chairs, along with a wood coffee table, in one corner of the room. In the other corner, we have the book shelf, CD shelf, and what I like to call 'the music box.'

You can see why I call it the music box! The dresser holds Bobby's accordions, one of my flutes, and the banjo, plus a lot of sheet music.

This corner is one of my favorite places in the apartment. Located in the reading/music, room, it's a beautiful off-set corner looking over the main street Tagensvej. We are going to put a little table and two chairs here, and we hope to enjoy our summer breakfasts in the North-East facing nook.

During the week, we purchased couches! They were delivered Saturday night. The 3+2 black leather couch set is just lovely. Bobby has already treated the leather!

The dining room is basically done. All we need now is to upgrade our TV to a nice flat-screen... one day!

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