Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bob lærer danske nu.

I (Bob) have finally started my Danish courses, which take up about 12 hours a week, including nearly two full days. This really puts a dent into my time to do work, but in the short time I have been learning, I really feel like I have come a long ways. In my second week, we all got the books we are using. It is a new book, written by a Danish teacher in Copenhagen. And in fact, she was Carla's first teacher! And in fact in fact, when I opened the book and turned to page 11, I see Carla!

Word soon got around to the entire class, in part because I yelled, "Det er min kone!" (That is my wife!) The teacher couldn't believe it because, "I always thought these were fake people" he said. Now Carla is like a movie star in my class. People said, "Oh, she is so cute!" One woman from Chile said, "You better treat her nice!" Plus, word is getting around that Carla is a fantastic baker and chef. During class I always pull out 3 or 4 tupperwares of food to eat (my classmates exclaim that I am always eating). The other day I had one of Carla's cinnamon pumpkin rolls with frosting, and people were asking, "What is that? Your wife made that!?" Then a woman from Brooklyn asked, "Is your wife a baker or a cook?" I said, "Both! Det er min kone. :) Good with the savory and good with the sweet."

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