Friday, September 2, 2011

Visit from Mom, Cooking, and Apartment Hunting

Since returning from our awesome trip to Hawai'i and Pennsylvania, Bobby and I have tried to get back into our daily routines, but it's been tough. The weather has been mostly crappy (cool, rainy, and windy... Denmark in a nutshell); in fact, this has been the wettest summer since the 1840s! It's been hard waking up early to get to work, though it has been nice biking around. It's especially hard not coming home to my Dad's good cooking and great wine! But last week we had a treat, which helped us feel like we were back on vacation mode: a visit from Mom!

And no visit from Mom is complete without a suitcase full of gifts! Mom brought us about 10 bottles of hot sauce (we just can't get Cholula here), 4 amazing bottles of red wine, a Bodum French press for coffee (because Mom was dreading the idea of our instant coffee), and many other goodies. Thanks, Mom! Our food is much spicier and tastier now :)

We tricked Mom into a 22 mile tandem bike ride! We took a tandem picnic to Dyrehaven (the beautiful park we visited in May) and we initially told Mom is was only a 6 mile ride. Well, it was 6 miles one way. Except it was actually 11 miles one way! But Mom was a trooper and survived the ride. I think she even enjoyed parts of the tandem ride!

In addition to sneaky tandem rides, we did a lot of fun things with Mom. We took a trip to Malmö, Sweden, where we walked about a city-wide international festival. During the week, Mom cooked dinner for us, which was a real treat. Once night, Mom and I went to Tivoli, where we heard a nice brass band. We took Mom to the University one day so she could see where we work and meet our colleagues. We had a really great time with Mom and already miss her. It sucks not having a personal chef at home anymore!

Part of the process of getting back into our daily routines includes, of course, cooking experiments for me. When Mom visited, I showed her how to make mayonnaise and macarons (not to be consumed together, though). On my own, I tried to make ricotta cheese. Yes, I made cheese. It was ok, though having proper cheese cloth would have made it better. It was a fun experiment. I'm currently making a nice large batch of chili to hold us over for the weekend (you can see my recipe here).

The thing that has taken up the majority of our time since returning from the States is the hunt for an apartment or row house. We are in the market to buy our very first place! The photo shows how we spend most of our nights now: wine and real estate listings. We've looked at hundreds of places online, have seen at least 10 places in person, and came pretty darn close to buying a place. Thank the gods we have a good lawyer who got us out of a bad deal! But that's another story. In the meantime, we continue looking at places and comparing bank loans. Wish us luck!

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