Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tillykke Carla!

Last weekend I gave Carla and a handful of our friends a birthday BBQ to celebrate her big 27. Carla is now in her 28th year! For this occasion, I fired up the grill in our courtyard to make American style juicy cheeseburgers; and Carla pulled out all the stops to make the rest of the meal, including her excellent black bean dip, hummus, coleslaw, and tasty oven roasted potatoes. She also made the cake of which she has been dreaming for almost 4 years: two layer lavender cake with coconut merenge frosting and violet sprinkles.

Though during the week it appeared Saturday would be fouled by weather, the day was gorgeous. Everyone caught a bit of sun and enjoyed the food and company for nearly six hours in our common courtyard. I serenaded everyone with the accordion, and after about 10 minutes one of the children asked his mom, "Do we have to listen to this music any more?" My next two songs I dedicated to him.

Popular with our guests was the opportunity to test ride Thunder and Blazes around our driveway. Most people approach the tandem with apprehension, but once they try it their fright dissolves.

At work on her actual birthday, Carla's mates decked out her office with several Danish flags. This is an appropriate way to signify and celebrate birthdays. A co-worked asked Carla if it was weird not being surrounded by US flags on her birthday!

Carla made a special two cake treat to take to the office and offer everyone. And it is a good thing she brought two because 17 people showed up. Carla has developed a name for herself around our workplace as a magic chef. Email travels fast; but people race faster to the kitchen when they find out Carla is offering a dessert she has made.

The Spring time is now making way for summer. We have seen within weeks barren trees bud with life and audibly blossom with color. Below you see Carla riding her bike underneath a giant roadside bouquet.

Happy Birthday once again Carlita!

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  1. What a fun post. Thanks. Almost felt like I was there (if you don't include the food, travel, packing, all those kinds of things). Happy birthday Carla!