Monday, August 2, 2010

Rainy Days = Baking Days

Our July family guests left at the right time, because it has rained every day since they've left. In my opinion, there are two good ways to spend a rainy day: 1) baking, and 2) going to the movies. Lucky me, I got to do both this weekend! On Saturday, I spend the better part of the afternoon baking. Along with the usual batch to zucchini bread, I also made these Snickerdoodle cookies (shown here, with Bobby's yearning hand). When we lived in Santa Barbara, Bobby and I would go to Borders on the weekend. We'd order a chai latte and a snickerdoodle cookie, which made us feel a little bit less guilty about reading books we had no intention of buying. The Snickerdoodle cookies at the Borders' coffee shops are really awesome, so I decided to make some. They turned out quite nicely, if I may say so myself.

On Sunday, Bobby and I biked into Copenhagen and saw the movie Inception. We both really liked the film and it was a nice treat for us. Since it was the first Sunday of the month, the S-Tog (commuter trains) was free, so we took that home (it's a mostly downhill ride into Copenhagen, which makes biking back to DyssegÄrd a bit unpleasant).

Today turned out to be a baking day as well. A fellow baking friend sent me a recipe for a no-knead garlic cheese flat bread. Since I have some awesome retro baking dishes that Bobby found on the street (the blue one is pictured here, behind the bread), I decided to try out the new recipe. The bread turned out great!

The bread accompanied Provençal tomato spread. Our new house troll kept the evil spirits (aka gnats and flies) away from the food. Thanks, troll.

I also tried another new recipe tonight. Bobby and I both have an unhealthy and childish fondness for Mac n' Cheese. I hate to admit it, but while in college, we'd make the Kraft version pretty often (though we'd dress it up with peas and broccoli, which Bobby called O n' G, short for Orange and Green... the added vegetable make it healthy, right?). However, we're all grown up now... ok, truth be told, I haven't found Kraft Mac n' Cheese in Denmark. But, even if I did, I would rather eat this Spicy Man n' Cheese (though I don't think my colon agrees with me). This dish is livened up with some chipotle chilies. Next time I make this (don't worry, it'll be about 6 months. Michael Pollan was right... when you know what goes into your meal, you make healthier choices... but that's a whole different post), I'll add a bit less chilies. Bobby and I no longer have our California-trained spice resistance!

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  1. Did you like "Inception"? Susan and I saw it the weekend it came out; we liked it.

    as to the baking, good for you. That bread and Provencal spread looked really good!