Monday, June 28, 2010

Beef, Bikes, Moving, and a Tooth

Bobby and I have had a very busy weekend. The weekend started on Friday night with our 5 year wedding anniversary. For my anniversary gift, Bobby had our wedding knives (which have moved with us from the US to France and Denmark) professionally sharpened. It is so great cutting with super sharp knives. Bobby told me, "If our wedding knives are sharp, then our marriage is safe." He's a silly guy. I cooked boeuf bourguignon for our anniversary dinner. We had a very nice, quiet night in.

Bobby and I finally have bicycles! An American graduate student at Bobby's university is moving back to the states, so he sold us the two bikes. We are one step closer to becoming Danish! We have taken the bikes out for a few rides. I managed to fall, not when riding my bike (which I have named The Rattler; Bobby's names his The Destabilizer), but when I was trying to walk backwards with it. It was a pretty amusing fall, which was witnessed by about 20 people sitting by one of the lakes. Tonight we are going to ride our bikes to our new apartment, which brings us to the next part of our busy weekend...

We are moving! We spent the weekend packing up all of our stuff (which isn't much; all of our belongings fit into this small van). We rented a van today, loaded it up, and drove to our new town. We can't actually move into our new apartment (pictured above, behind the trees) until after the 10th of July (but we have to be out of our current apartment by the 1st of July, so since we will be technically homeless, we are off to Paris and Porto for a holiday), so we moved our stuff into the new home of the current tenants, which is just 3 blocks away. Confusing, I know.

Last, but not least, I had a tooth removed today! Two years ago, I discovered my two top wisdom teeth were growing. I went to the dentist in Los Angeles, only to be told that it would cost my $1000 per tooth to have them removed. Since we knew we were moving to France (a country with subsidized health care), Bobby and I decided to wait until we moved to have the teeth removed. In France, I went to a quack of a dentist who told me that I had enough room in my mouth for the wisdom teeth and they didn't have to be pulled. So they remained. While in Hawai'i, I developed an infection in my gums from one of the wisdom teeth. This had happened before, so I wasn't too concerned. When I returned home to Copenhagen, I called a nearby dentist and was able to schedule an appointment that very day. He looked at my teeth, told me I had no room in my mouth for the extra teeth (I knew that French dentist was a quack), and I had to have them pulled soon. He scheduled an appointment for me in August and prescribed some penicillin to kill in the infection. All of this was free, even though dental isn't covered by the completely free Danish health care system. Anyways, the infection didn't go away. I could barely open my mouth and eating has been very painful for nearly a week. So I called the dentist's office this morning and got an appointment this afternoon. I went in and a new dentist talked with me. He briefly looked in my mouth, then took an x-ray. He then started to prepare a giant needle. "We'll give you this shot and get it done with today," he said. I replied, "Um, get what done with?" "Removing your tooth!" he exclaimed! So, without any forewarning, I had my tooth pulled. It took all of 30 seconds, didn't hurt a bit, and he said I can eat whatever I want tonight. The best part? The whole thing cost me only 595 Danish kroner, or $98.87. Quite a difference from the US.

So now we are all moved, we've packed for our trip, and I had one of two wisdom teeth removed. I told you it was a productive weekend!

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