Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monet's gardens

On Saturday, we (Bobby, Jordan, and Sharon --- Carla was in a mandatory civics course for her visa requirements) took a trip outside of Paris to Giverny, where impressionist painter of fame Claude Monet lived and constructed his gardens. I am not as big a fan of Monet as I am of Manet, but stepping into these gardens was especially delightful because it felt as if I was in a painting.

Bees were a part of this painting too, very busy with their instinctual responsibilities by doing nature's dirty work.

I literally stepped into the painting myself by adopting a foliage collar to blend in with the rest.

Monet was a big fan of Japanese art. A tour of his home at the gardens shows walls adorned with many Japanese woodcut prints, most of which are over a century old. A famous part of his gardens are the ponds and Japanese style bridges.

After a nice day spent in the gardens, Carla greeted us at home with her famous Tarragon Chicken! Spiced with tarragon from our very own garden --- which is not much of a painting, but a brochure maybe.

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