Monday, July 27, 2009

Porto, Day 6

Finally we have hit the water! There is one beach near Porto that offers some waves, near the fishing village of Matosinhos. To the south of this there is nothing but rocks; and to the north there is industry. And today we arrived to find no waves! Within a couple of hours though things changed. We suited up and hit the Atlantic to ride its ankle-slappers. Carla and I can be seen above catching a wave.
Our friend Fabien was friend enough to loan us the use of his board and boogie board. In the background you can see that "castle" we discussed in a previous post.

Here Fabien and I catch a wave together. His apartment is in one of those buildings. It is a huge place with beautiful wood floors, a large kitchen, and three bathrooms. The red sculpture to the right is called the Anemone. It is made out of fishing net and blows with the wind like a jellyfish.

Though it has been over four months since we last surfed, it was like we never left. Carla and I got right back into it without any trouble at all. I do have some sore ribs though, and Carla's chin is hurting because she uses it to steer or something.

There Carla is now!

After an hour and half surf session, it was time to eat! And being in Matosinhos, and being Sunday, fish was for dinner. Fabien's girlfriend Christina said that one should never eat fish on Monday because fishermen don't work on Sunday, and thus the fish will not be fresh. At the restaurant, out on the street, this man was grilling the sardines for the restaurant.

For our table of nine, we were offered this huge fresh fish, called a "black ruppert," or perhaps "black sea bream," but on the receipt it said "1 choupa -- 125 euros"! That entire fish fed us all and then some. Excellent with what is called "green white wine" --- a local specialty of the Douro valley.

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